Today, in collaboration with Privacy International, we are launching a new version of the Surveillance Industry Index (SII).

SII is a searchable archive featuring over 1500 brochures about surveillance technology, data on over 520 surveillance companies, and nearly 500 reported exports of surveillance technologies.

Additionally, in the course of building the SII archive, we have made a number of important updates to our LookingGlass search and faceted browsing software. This software makes it easy for anyone to build accessible, searchable archives of many types of documents.

By collecting a variety of documents and datasets about the surveillance industry into a single, comprehensive archive, the Surveillance Industry Index offers one of the most complete overviews of surveillance tech being sold around the world. Additionally, the searchable SII archive enables people to rapidly filter, find, and understand the surveillance technologies likely to effect their lives and work. We hope that simplifying the process of researching this secretive industry will help journalists, activists, researchers, policy makers, and anyone concerned about surveillance better respond to issues caused by surveillance technology.