Transparency Toolkit Team

M. C. McGrath

M. C. is the founder and director of Transparency Toolkit. He is also a Thiel Fellow and an Echoing Green Fellow. Previously, M. C. graduated from Boston University with a degree in civic technology and did research at the MIT Media Lab.

Brennan Novak

Brennan Novak is part designer and part coder with a passion for making free and open source technology intuitive to use. Previously, Brennan co-founded and served as designer and UX lead of open source encrypted email project Mailpile. Currently, he’s focusing his efforts on bootstrapping the OpenSourceDesign and ModernPGP communities, as well as designing for Transparency Toolkit.

Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher is a Linux sysadmin and researcher of the private intelligence contracting industry. He is also a writer and activist who is enthusiastic about privacy, security and freedom of information.